July 28, 2012

ProCurve 6600 Reboots - Solution

We’ve got an update to our case regarding the spontaneous reboots of our 6600’s. Well, the cause of the reboot isn’t always a memory leak or other violations… Sometimes the real issue is a layer deeper..

The engineers at HP found out (after a couple of weeks), that the issue which lead to our mendtioned reboots, is somehow coupled with the number of PSUs which are plugged in. With only one PSU the switch may reboot after ~256 days, with two PSUs the time’s divided by two, ~152 days. Now, don’t care about power redundancy and get a longer interval, or plug in both PSUs and create a recurring event in you PIM. Thankfully the engineers at HP uploaded a new version of the firmware, where the issue shoudl be solved. Be sure to get at least

  • K.15.06.0017
  • K .15.04.0013m
  • K.15.07.0007
  • K.15.08.0007

Results will be shown in 3 Months. At least.