February 18, 2013

Cisco releases Parts of EIGRP to the IETF

In January Cisco decided to release parts of their proprietary routing protocol “Enhanced Interiour Gateway Routing Protocol” (EIGRP) to the IETF.As one might think, not every single detail is handed over to the Internet Engineering Task force. According to the FAQ parts as “EIGRP Stub Networks” are kept close. Well, at least if you don’t need DMVPN the release may still be useful. If you’re running a heterogeneous network consisting of 2+ different vendors, chances are that the bigger ones may adopt that in upcoming firmware releases. No need to say that this will – maybe – reduce the redistributions between your IGPs. At least for running one and only one routing protocol in your network may dramatically reduce operational overhead and route calculations, maybe offer you possibilities to use a single management system for your gear.